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1) The most common roles and responsibilities for Lifestyle Coaches are:

2) If your participants are not achieving their goals what are some strategies you could try out?

3) As a Lifestyle Coach you are responsible for delivering the curriculum, but are not responsible for the performance and outcomes of your participants

4) Why are ground rules important in the group meeting?

5) How can you help your participants set up an action plan? Choose the incorrect answer

6) When the lifestyle coach is engaged in the group, which of the following is true?

7) Which of the following tools can you use to support the participants to reduce their stress?

8) As a lifestyle coach, what activities are important to do after you meet with your participants?

9) Which one is NOT a benefit of having the participants read the story in each lesson?

10) During your session you use open-ended questions to help open the door to problem solving or further discussion on a specific point or topic

12) When a participant asks a question who should provide the solution?